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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 05:59 How Elizabeth views the inevitable every day failures
  • 24:50 A discussion around how we use technology and how we understand how it is affecting our children
  • 33:49 Coming down from the virtual world to the real world
  • 46:13 The fundamentals to entrepreneurship
  • “The main thing for me when considering those [my] three career choices was accepting what failure might look like, for whichever actions or whichever aspirations I was going to go towards. And therefore, whichever scenario I chose, because I had already visualised what my worst case scenario was, then I couldn’t really fail.”
  • “If you always have your worst case scenario as your base, then you can try anything.”
  • “The motivation to make money has to come from somewhere.”
  • “As parents, we could almost see ourselves as curators of technology. And the only way to do that is to sit down and know that your children will know more than you, which is terrifying as a parents.”

The convo about about technology and our kids with Elizabeth Tweedale

If you have a child, you will have definitely thought about how technology and social media has completely changed the way that we parent.

Elizabeth was really helpful, in a mind blowing way, when it comes to helping me realise what I am so afraid of when it comes to the games that my kids are obsessed with that I do not understand.

In this conversation, we go places that I didn’t expect to go. She talked about virtual reality and IRL which was such an education for anyone who has children who are engaging in technology. This is a conversation that you CANNOT miss.

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