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I really love doing this podcast, you know I do. And what I’ve really enjoyed doing over the last hundred episodes is just talking about what is on my mind and in my heart at any given time. And sometimes that is the practical stuff. And other times it’s not.


This episode is me sharing a glimpse of this journey I am on, being a bit more vulnerable as well as offering my support for those of you who do have stories that you want to share, but are wary of upsetting or causing pain to others.


Thank-you and I love you all x



  • [05:18] Sharing what I’m really struggling with.
  • [09:40] What I’m conscious about putting into the public arena.
  • [10:34] My support for you to share your vulnerable stories and my advice in doing so.
  • [12:06] Being honest with your messaging.
  • [15:52 ] My outreach to you.



  • “Even though I love vulnerability and I love sharing authentically, I think that it’s really important as teachers and leaders, that we don’t use our platforms for therapy.
  • “My power doesn’t come from my partner or my partners family, or my children or my clients, anybody’s approval or disapproval of me, my power comes from me.
  • “This is going to affect my business, it is going to affect impact. It’s going to impact the way that I share and create moving forward.”




You can read the transcript here.

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