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As we’re approaching the end of the first quarter of the year, let me ask you, have you got the numbers in your business that you’d like to see? Has your audience grown to support the sales that you need?


What I’m talking about here is prepping and priming your dreamboat client ready for the next step. So that when you do put that offer to them they are wanting to sign up with you straight away.


How to create copy that oozes with your personality workshop starts 15th March.



  • [02:43] What you should be doing 85% of the time.
  • [03:25] What it means to prime your DBC.
  • [04:26] The reactions to look out for from your audience.



  • “When it comes to actually selling the thing, you are running into objection after objection after objection, and it does not need to be that way.”
  • “What it means is that you are really taking your dreamboat client from either being very aware of the problem and showing them why they are in this current position in a way that they haven’t heard before.”




You can read the transcript here.

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