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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 10:32 The idea that I could create something and I could tell someone about it and they would give me money for that thing, it was just mind blowing
  • 13:43  I know that having a supportive partner or a supportive spouse is not something that everyone has. And I am blessed that my wife Mary has supported me 100% of the way.
  • 35:03 It’s still a glorious day, but many days where I’ve done over a million dollars in sales in a single day. I had one time where I made over a million dollars in sales in 53 minutes
  • “What makes a great headline right now is the same thing that made a great headline in 1930 and you can go back and study that.”
  • “My thinking has changed quite a bit about that idea of value exchange before. Back then, I thought people will hate me if I ask them for money.”
  • “People are after connection and they’re after resonance.”
  • “It all sounds like the Jeff show, but it’s very much not, I’ve got this amazing team of almost 40 people that are really doing the work.”

The Godfather of Launching Jeff Walker talks going from $1650 to $1m in 53 minutes

I’m so excited to share this interview with you.  This is someone who I have been following online for the last 10 years, in fact since I was in business, he has arguably been responsible for creating much of the online marketing industry that you now directly and indirectly follow.

It is the ONE AND ONLY Jeff Walker, grandfather of launching. This is a conversation about online marketing, about launching, about being a pioneer, about thinking in the right way to create continued abundance and success.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff this year in New York and I knew I had to bring him to you and so without further ado here he is!

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