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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 47:27 If my dad didn’t create relationships for those customers. We didn’t go to school.
  • 08:46 Hence the existential crisis, because I live in like the hq of the world for people swapping business cards. And so now I feel like Neo. I do look a little Keanu Reeves with my short hair. I do feel a bit like I’m neo and that I’m in the Matrix
  • 17:43 I’m out of my own body. I’m not within the self because it’s somatic, right? So if your body’s not in a good state, your self connection is shot. And so I’m making decisions when I’m dating, when I’m flying, where I’m outside of my natural habitat, I’m outside of myself
  • “Rapport is where other people perceive us to be more like us than they may think.”
  • “So there is being alone, where you feel lonely, and then there is solitude, which is being alone out of desire.”
  • “When I lived in Dubai, I once dated the male version of me. Like, even down to ethnicity, occupation, it was a disaster.”

Too Short, Too Fat, Too Asian with Loneliness Expert Simone Heng

There are times in life when you meet someone and it just MAKES SENSE! Like, yes this is my soul sister.

I felt this way the moment I met my guest, fellow Hay house author (and do not forget you can get MY new book Infinite Receiving here), Simone Heng and I think you will too.

We talk about authentic connection. We talk about connection with self. We talk about loneliness and really what it takes and what it’s going to take in this modern world to thrive.


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