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The Power of Positivity

Today’s vlog is a very brief one. It is just about the power of positivity.

101 PollyAnnas

I know that it can get very bugging when you are surrounded by a million and one Pollyannas.

I also think that when you are consistently trying to stay positive, particularly when everything around you feels like it is just kind of falling to shit, that it can feel really fake, inauthentic.

There is also a part of us that wants people to like us. I think that we like an underdog, don’t we? We like it when we see someone triumph over adversity. Sharing our adversity with people makes us a bit more likable and relatable.

Whilst I fully get that and understand it and I think that it’s really important to be authentic and true to yourself, I honestly think that if you are in the camp where you’ve got to let it all out, and tell everyone your problems, and tell everybody how crap things are going, you’re feeding more energy into the crapness and what we focus on expands.

What I Do

The way that I deal with times when I’m feeling negative is I really use my journal. I get it out. Then, I re-look at what it is that is frustrating me or that is negative.

I look at the meaning that I am ascribing to that situation.

Then, once I have looked at what it is that I’m making the situation mean, I ask myself whether it’s true or not. Then, I ask myself how I want to feel.

Basically, I give myself a coaching session out of the negativity, which means that I need to share it less and I put myself in the position where I can allow that negativity to pass. Then talk about it with you guys from a place of feeling much stronger, much more positive, much more confident that whatever it is that I want to happen is going to happen.

What Effects, Expands

I just want to say to you lovelies that whilst I think it’s super important to be authentic, whilst it is really important to acknowledge our feelings and emotions, just be really mindful how much time you spend allowing your energy to feed and expand on the negative feelings that we are experiencing, because what effects, expands.

Everyone wants to feel better really. The only way to feel better is to acknowledge, release, let go and then focus on feeling better.

Just short and sweet one from me today. Hold the vision. Keep the faith. Remember, faith plus action equals miracles. I will see you for the next one.

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