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  • 09:07 The contrast is with the mushrooms. To me, it really felt nature-based. And although with LSD you do get a sense of that too.
  • 50:47 But she was just showing me, in my own way, how to help those people who come into my life and how to hold space for them on the journey towards death, how to hold space for them in their confusion or their life path and all that kind of stuff.
  • 20:06 There’s life before ayahuasca and life after ayahuasca. It is an absolute game changer. I could talk about it for hours, but massive game changer.
  • “The universe is like a cause and effect feedback loop.”
  • “Psychedelics are not just recreational. They have therapeutic angles.”
  • “It’s all a cosmic joke. It’s all fun, fun kids.”
How to Embrace Transformative Moments and the Depths of Dark Retreats with Tree Carr (Part 2)

Some of my podcast interviews are SO epic that they cannot be squeezed into just one episode, there is simply too much goodness. Today’s episode is part two of my conversation with the ever wonderful Tree Carr.

In part one we talked about the nature of reality, our place in the universe, and whether we are the universe experiencing itself, so buckle up for part two…

This time our conversational dance takes us on a journey through psychedelics, dreams and the cosmic joke of reality.

Get yourself your beverage of choice and get comfy.

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