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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 28:12 The full moon really is like a kind of magical manifestation time. I don’t think you need to be mystically minded to understand the power of a full moon
  • 28.36 It’s a reminder that life goes in cycles and you don’t have to be the big bright glowing full moon all the time You don’t always have to be Making plans and making stuff happen like it is okay for there to be downtime.
  • 44:06 I would always describe oracle cards as kind of like tarot sort of easy breezy little sister.
  • “I was a natural born witch”
  • “I need to find some magic, I need to make my life better”
  • “Once you kind of look for the magic in the world you find it”
  • “I gave my sort of inner critic stressy nightmare voice like that was like a goblin in my mind and then there intuition voice was like a magical talking moon.”

How To Create Magic Everyday with Emma Howarth

I am excited to introduce you to Emma Howarth in this interview.

Emma has written a book about her year of mystical thinking – an exploration where she samples something different every single month and then writes about her experience

We talk about what led her to needing this journey and the breakthroughs that she had while she was on it.

What I adore about this is the willingness to be open, stay curious and look to see what other alternatives there are.

I know you’ll love it too – and if you want to create more openness, more opportunities to experience life on this level then you NEED to go and preorder your copy of my new book, Infinite Receiving.

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