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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 07:27 Is resistance the thing holding you back?
  • 09:42 Technical mastery and creating wealth
  • 12:47 Changing the way you think about money
  • 16:34 The difference with taking action in alignment
  • “When we are at our optimum for magnetism, co-creation and manifesting what it is that we desire, there is a clarity in our channel. There’s clarity in the way that we think and there’s clarity in the way that we feel.”
  • “Take what resonates with you and for you, and then get curious about what doesn’t resonate for you.”
  • “You do not need to be the best in your field to create a product that is worthy of charging a premium price for.”

What am I missing?

Somebody recently asked me about my biggest month in business and it prompted me to share these three things that I believe are really important when it comes to not just taking your offer to market, but also selling and receiving.

Because the truth to the question ‘am I missing something?’ is that it’s never just one thing. You get to be okay with your growth and you get to be okay with the fact that you are learning.

Listen for the three things that are so important when it comes to leveraging your business.

Note: This episode is taken from a live in the Quantum Success Hub Facebook Group.

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