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What are you striving for?

Today I’ve got a really simple question for you and that question is, what are you striving for?  What is your goal?  What is your big vision?  That answer should be on the tip of your tongue.  You should know with absolute pinpoint accuracy why it is you’re getting out of bed every single morning to do the job that you do, for both your community and for yourself.  If you don’t know that answer, I’m going to make the suggestion that you may just need to be simply reminding yourself and writing down every single day what your big goal is.

The reason this is important is that it means that you don’t lose time on irrelevant stuff.

So, what are the things that will keep you on track on your message?  Here is my answer:

I think that when you’re not really connected to your bigger vision and why it is you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s really easy to spend three hours scrolling through Facebook.  It’s really easy to not create the video content that you said you would do for your Facebook page.  It’s really easy not to call the guy that you were going to speak to about Google Ads, because you’re not connected deeply and your big vision is not at the forefront of your mind.  That’s the first thing, just writing it out daily is going to keep that focus in your head and make it easier for you to stay on track.

Secondly, if you have had a think and are clear on your big WHY, I’m inviting you to ask yourself this slightly controversial question:

is it enough?

Is it the thing that lights you up?  Is it the thing that you are most passionate about in the world?  If you cannot instantly say yes, I urge you to get really, really honest with yourself and answer that question, so what would be the thing that lights me up?  If I had a million pounds in the bank what would I be choosing to do with my time every day and why would I be doing it?  Answer that question.

If you know that you would rather be doing something else, if you know that you have a different message, which is why you cannot keep your other why in your mind on a daily basis, then I encourage you to switch it up.  You know, whether it is dedicating time outside of your working hours to that message and that passion and that light, or seeing if you can incorporate it into your business and making your business so deeply entrenched in your why that you can say it in a snap, I invite you to do that.  Do one or the other, but make sure that you are connected to what’s important so you’re clear on what you’re striving for and most importantly, why you’re striving for it.

I hope this has been helpful and if anything has come up for you with this exercise, please feel free to drop me a line.  I’m always interested to hear what you have to say.

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