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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 06:05 Are you in a state of lack?
  • 08:12 Money is money, it’s not the same as infinite receiving
  • 09:03 The energy inside of you that makes a difference
  • 14:04 Presenting your offer from a place of fullness
  • “The majority of people that you meet that have any type of material success, most of them will have had either a period in their life where everything they touched turned to poop, or they would’ve started from zero.”
  • “What I know to be true about universal energy, source energy and the frequency of abundance and all of that stuff, is that it’s all around us all of the time.”
  • “The frequency of infinite receiving is always available to you at all times, but money is not the same as infinite receiving.”

What happens when you are blocked from receiving

I was asked a question recently which was essentially, what happens when you are blocked from receiving?

Often when people ask the question when you are not receiving anything, how do you go from being blocked into abundance, what I’m about to say, I now have eight and a half years of evidence for.

This is really what I want to share with you today so that you can build and expand, and take aligned action rather than feel desperate or there’s not enough.

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