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  • 2.17 So instead of thinking about should I do many programs or should I do one program, I started to rethink the question and the question became what is the one thing I should go all in on when it comes to my business? And the answer was so obvious. The answer is you.
  • 5.28 If you think about what is going on the inside as your fertiliser. We want to make sure that fertiliser is like the most pristine shit you can possibly imagine, pun intended.
  • 9.36 What would I choose? Start asking yourself that question over and over again and see how your decisions change. See how your behaviour gets to be optimised. And most importantly, notice how you feel.
  • “You are the one thing that you need to go all in on.”
  • “There is no one right way to do business.”
  • “When you don’t show up, other people do.”
  • “Before you go all in on any external.”

What’s the one thing you should go all in on in your business?

Hello, hello you gorgeous human

So, what’s the one thing you should go all in on in your business?

I was thinking about this question in relation to offers and different people’s approaches and the truth is, there isn’t one right way to do business.

If there were, we would all be trillionaires. But that is not the case. As I started to really think about the question the answer was so obvious… But you’ll need to tune in to find out what it is!

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