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  • 14.26 And this is where things get sticky and messy. In most coaching businesses, you have clients that want to leverage their personal relationship to exit the business container relationship and the contractual relationship.
  • 18.18 And I also want you to know that as the CEO, it is safe for you to say you can leave the business container relationship and you will still legally be required to honour the contractual relationship. Because you leaving the container doesn’t mean that you are leaving the contract. And that also doesn’t make me a bad individual, a bad person.
  • 18.58 What most people want to avoid is anybody perceiving them as a bad person. I have a bad heart. You’re not kind hearted, you’re not open hearted, because you do not want me to leave this space. You don’t want me to leave the contract. And if you don’t want me to leave the contract, that means you’re a bad individual. It’s not. You’re a boss that is honouring a contract.
  • 16.22 Our personal relationship is separate from our contractual relationship. You can exit whenever you want to exit, but you still are responsible for upholding the contract. Like that’s the deal.
  • “Love is at the heart of all transformation.”
  • “Releasing love from your business is not the answer to protecting yourself.”
  • (on leveraging friendships) “It doesn’t work like that, because this is a business.”

The Business Coaching Relationship Model

Hello, hello you gorgeous human

I am back in my series of being a world class coach, and today I am talking about a subject which can feel difficult to navigate. And this is relevant not just to my coaches but to anybody who has a service based business where you have contact with your clients and you have a contractual relationship with your clients.

This is something that I have written about on social media a couple of times and whenever I write about it, I get lots of DM’s and comments on the post saying thank you so much for laying this out for me. So I know it is something which you need.

Let’s get into it!

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