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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:03 The subconscious belief underneath
  • 07:10 Business and personal life relationship
  • 10:39 Holding responsibility and why you might not be ready yet
  • 14:45 Making a difference in the world but not like Elon Musk
  • 20:00 Accepting that things will go wrong
  • “The awareness of I have to feel free in my life today in order to align into more freedom, and I have to clean up the story that I have around responsibility is really heavy for me, I don’t need any more and I can’t take anymore, before I’m able to hold more responsibility.”
  • “Your desire has to be stronger than your fear because the strongest desire always wins.”
  • “The beautiful thing about my [meditation] practice is that you hold that feeling of wonder, and gratitude and appreciation for your future life, that you bring it into the now.”

When you are butting up against resistance

Have you ever wondered what is going on when you’re feeling all the resistance?

Things are feeling hard and you’re feeling stuck, in your business or in your personal life, and you’re finding that no matter how much you want it,  you find that you’re being blocked.

This happens a lot.

And there are a few main reasons for this.

Whether you’re going through it now, or whether you have been through it in the past, this episode goes through everything that you could be doing to get over these obstacles.

*Note this episode is a live recording from the Quantum Success Hub Facebook Group.

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