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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:22 The biggest mindset shift needed in entrepreneurship
  • 05:04 Are you setting yourself up for failure?
  • 09:30 The certainty piece
  • 12:45 Your willingness to expand the timeline
  • 15:36 Stepping into entrepreneurship and the realm of limitlessness
  • “Sometimes you have to lean back and allow yourself to be supported. And in that moment of leaning back, there came the arms.”
  • “Our desire for certainty when it comes to goal setting can be really such a hindrance.”
  • “When you are able to play in the field of uncertainty without making it mean that you are going to fail, you create a whole different level of opportunity and possibility for your business.”

The desire for certainty, control and trust

I’m being really invited to practice what I preach here.

In business, nothing is certain, but we create the illusion of certainty by trying to gain control. We look to live our lives creating certainty by forcing control and it does not work like that.

In this episode I talk about our desire for certainty and the relationship that it has with trust, particularly in entrepreneurship.

Take notes for this one and break the seal.

Episode taken from a Thrive Thursday in the Quantum Success Hub Facebook Group.

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