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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 01:48 Self-awareness is probably more of a problem than what most people wanna acknowledge
  • 03:59 Breaking the habitual pattern that is stopping you
  • 05:11 “Why do I keep doing this?”
  • 05:56 Do. The. Thing.
  • “It has to be simple. It has to be simple for people to actually be able to give it a go! The brain wants it to be wildly complicated so that you have a get-out clause of moving beyond your comfort zone and into your growth zone. ”
  • “If the dream isn’t big enough, then why the heck are you gonna risk being misunderstood? If the dream isn’t big enough, why the heck would you risk people not liking you? This is why I work with people who have a big vision, not just for themselves, but for humanity, for the world unapologetically.”
  • “The thing that you’ve been resisting is the thing that you need to lean into.”

Why being self aware isn’t enough

I make myself laugh.

Someone was taking the piss out of me the other day for laughing at my own jokes. But look, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who the heck can you laugh at?

So, what I wanna talk to you today about is self-awareness and why I actually think that self-awareness is probably more of a problem than what most people wanna acknowledge because we all wanna be self-aware right.

That’s the goal. To be the self-aware, enlightened individual.

And what I’ve noticed is that the women (and men, but particularly the women) that I work with are wildly self-aware, they’ve done the work.

They’ve done the breath work. They’ve done the NLP, they’ve done the tapping. They’ve done the EDMR. They have counsellors, they have therapists, everything! They’re in coaching. These people are self-aware.

When you coach people that are wildly self-aware, sometimes that can be quite challenging because when you offer the coaching advice or mentoring advice frequently, what you’ll hear is, oh, I’ve tried that. Yeah, I’m doing that. I’ve done that.

And I’m always like, Hmm, really? Interesante! Because when I look at the evidence around me, when I get my Inspector Colombo on, I’m not seeing it!

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