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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 07:05 Is your goal to be the best
  • 15:14 The shame around perceived success or failure
  • 24:37 What you desire to represent and what you filter out
  • 34:32 What to do if you feel triggered by someone
  • “You can’t do the best job when you need to be putting someone down in order to elevate yourself up.” – Suzy
  • “Integrity isn’t an absolute, and the minute we look for absolutes, we’re pretty screwed because everybody’s integrity is their own integrity.” – Ali
  • “When we feel uncomfortable, it is in our nature to go, I need to get this off of me. I need to rid myself of this discomfort.” – Suzy
  • “The truth is there’s a lot of fear and there’s a lot of shame around doing something which just feels so sexy and luxurious and beautiful to do, that my mind wants to go, oh, that’s just a vanity project.” – Ali

Why we need to stop using integrity as a weapon

I know that this topic really impacts the way you show up in your business.

It’s the subject of integrity and filtering yourself for fear of this conversation around integrity and authenticity.

Having this conversation with a friend earlier, I thought we really need to share this.

So this episode, I have invited my good friend and client of mine, Ali Mapletoft, to come on and chat with me about keeping your integrity.

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