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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 04:06 Being the author of your own life
  • 09:03 The balance of having confidence in what you’re saying whilst also accepting there’s stuff you don’t know
  • 13:53 Being mindful of your words vs expressing yourself fully as a coach
  • 17:43 World views and your opinion and experience aren’t always the same
  • “I think you can both be responsible for your life and your life can be incredibly tough.” – Josh
  • “Life is good and bad stuff is going to happen to you. Your response to that is what creates your life and is the authorship of your life.” – Josh
  • “I think one of the most powerful places to come from as a coach is no when to coach, no when to mentor, no when to consult.” – Suzy
  • “Whilst what I say might stimulate an old experience. I am not the cause of it.” – Suzy

Does your response create your existence?

We’re doing things a bit differently with this episode today.

I was having a beautiful conversation in a mastermind and the question came up, do you believe that your response to your experience of the world creates your reality?

An interesting comment on the thread from midlife mastery coach, Josh, pricked my ears, so I invited him on for a live chat to have a discussion around this and hear his views.

We’re talking about how we respond to situations in our life, voicing your views and opinions on world topics as a coach and creating your reality from experience.

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