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Welcome to the Limitless Life Experience Podcast

I have been in Mexico for a month exactly and I’m soooo excited to share with you my first ever podcast episode. Although, as you will find out, it is not actually the first one I have ever recorded…

In this very first episode, I invite you to think and feel differently if you have ever created projects that never saw the light of day – you NEED to hear this if, like me, you can't stop beating yourself up and wondering why you can’t get your shit together!

I also share with you what I am committing to in this podcast:

  • giving you valuable actionable tips on building your business
  • focusing mainly on messaging, marketing and visibility
  • providing you with mindset hacks to create the life you want to live
  • sharing personal stories
  • being as transparent as possible

Ultimately, this podcast is all about the impact that you and I want to have in the world whilst living a life without limitations.

Every day brings a new opportunity to take one small step towards achieving your dreams, and today, this is me finally starting my podcast journey properly!



  • Why I’m excited to be in your earbuds today
  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty or ‘less than’ if you have ever started projects that never came to fruition
  • My commitment to you
  • How my new life in Mexico can inspire you to pursue your own dreams of a limitless life
  • Does this sound like your jam, babe?! Come and find me on Instagram! (4:48)


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