003 Making Babies + Making Bank: How to get what you want, with Tara Humphrey

by | Jan 2, 2020

Making Babies + Making Bank

Episode 3: How to get what you want, with Tara Humphrey

So this one is a special one, as I am interviewing my power house of a younger sister Tara Humphrey founder of Tara Humphrey Consulting, mother of three (she started first) multiple six figure business owner, podcaster and general trail blazer. I can’t wait for you to meet her. 


We talk:

  • Why you should focus on who (and what) inspires you [4:28]
  • Why Tara got herself a CEO jumper [12:14]
  • Up-levelling, expansion and ‘winging it’  [15:01]
  • The biggest thing that has helped Tara take leaps in her business [38:26]
  • Tara’s motto for business [57:39]

Key links:

The blog ‘how to get what you want’

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