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Episode 2: The biggest mistake I made getting to £469K in revenue

2018 was my biggest year in business at the time but it was also the year I made a serious mistake – one that probably cost me money. 

In this episode, I explain what the mistake was, why it happened and how I made sure that I wouldn’t make it again in 2019.

I also share with you the 5 steps I took as I aimed to double my income and my impact again in 2019.



  • Setting the scene of where I am in the world and what a limitless life looks and feels like in action
  • Why it’s good that I haven’t got it all figured out
  • The biggest mistake I made in 2018 (but it was still my biggest year in business up to that point)
  • Why tracking your income is so important
  • Why you don’t have to have all of your ducks perfectly in a row to be in the flow of abundance
  • There are 5 steps I took to double my income and my impact yet again in 2019  
  • The first step I took was delegating more and hiring an integrator
  • The second step was focusing on core products that I love – find out the three products I let go of and the one I put all my energy in
  • The third step was deepening into my own message – being in Mexico created the space for me to delve even deeper into who I am
  • The fourth step was focusing on my mindset work even more
  • The final step I took was upgrading my environment, including going on more retreats


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