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What makes really great messaging

Messaging is my zone of genius. It’s something I’m naturally good at, as the instant success of my previous business, The Calm Birth School, proved, and it’s also something I work on every single day. And so should you.

But what makes really great messaging?

In this episode, I share with you my 3 top tips on how to master your message.



  • Why messaging is my zone of genius
  • How I approached messaging with The Calm Birth School
  • First tip for how to create great messaging – disruption
  • Second tip for how to create great messaging – chemistry
  • Third tip for how to create great messaging – take people on a journey
  • How to make sure that every post has a purpose



  • ‘Great messaging creates a spark. It creates an emotional response between you and your potential dreamboat client that fizzes.’
  • ‘If what you write is making you feel something, then it’s going to make them feel something.’
  • ‘Every post has a purpose. Take your people on a journey in every post and let them know what they should be doing at the end of it.’


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