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In order to make space for the new, upgraded version of me and my vision, I am exploring what I am no longer prepared to tolerate in 2020 and in this new decade, and I want to take you with me on this journey. We can’t just keep jamming stuff on the top, we can’t just keep putting more and more into the pot, so we have to let go of some things if we want to make space. Are you ready?



  • 2020 is the start of a new decade!
  • What do you want to create in this new decade?
  • The mindset shift that is required
  • The things that can no longer be in my life, both personally and professionally
  • Write your list of minimum standards then connect with them every single day, until they become second nature
  • What do you need to release (stories, actions, people, behaviours) in order to get to where you want to get and be who you want to be?



  • ‘What are you putting in first in order to increase your level of receiving?’
  • ‘The new thing I no longer tolerate is not checking in on what I am no longer tolerating and what my new minimum standards are.’


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