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I’m so incredibly excited to share with you this episode of The Limitless Life Podcast, following and focusing on my group mentoring event The One Live. It was a truly inspirational day aimed at helping female entrepreneurs who were ready and waiting to move into 2020 with a clear plan of action of what it is going to take, both mentally and physically, to make this their decade. I helped them pinpoint the tools and techniques necessary to turn their vision into reality when it comes to securing their dreamboat clients and becoming The One to work with.

In this podcast I share with ten tips to step into your purpose and achieve your goals. Tune in to hear what I have to say - this one is not to be missed.



  • How The One Live was rewarding on a personal, as well as a professional, level
  • Point 1 - Big rewards require big risks
  • Point 2 - Follow the inspiration
  • Point 3 - Go all in
  • Point 4 - Mindset, mindset, mindset
  • Point 5 - Keeping connected to your mission
  • Point 6 - Master your messaging
  • Point 7 - The sales/content ratio
  • Point 8 - Be real
  • Point 9 - Have fun
  • Point 10 - The support piece of the puzzle



  • “It's not about saying yes once. It's about saying yes multiple times a day, every single day until you have reached your goal”
  • “Deciding to be the best person that you can be, deciding that the impact that you want to create, the transformation that you want to facilitate is way more important than how you feel when you wake up in the morning, is absolutely crucial”
  • “Being unattached to whether it looks exactly like your vision is also incredibly important for giving the universe space to breathe”
  • “It is a constant readjustment and that is okay”
  • “When you go into a launch, thinking more about the income than being of service, you stop the connection with your potential dreamboat clients”
  • “Your message and the content you deliver needs to be off the charts. That for me is just so important, really killer content. And it doesn't always have to be original”
  • “Be real. In a world where we're surrounded by a lack of authenticity, it really helps you to stand out, be seen, and create change”
  • “Mindset, mind shift, mind-everything, what is going on in your head will determine the results that you get”


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