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I’ll be honest – I didn’t plan this podcast. It wasn’t drafted, it wasn’t scheduled… I just felt like this was something I needed to talk about with you guys, with urgency. I got the urge, and I acted on it. I’m talking to you about going beyond the mind.

This is a subject I touch upon often, but I wanted to dive deep into exactly how this practice can change your life – and how it’s changed mine and helped me reach my limitless potential.

Enjoy, folks.




  • The Law of Attraction {10:52}
  • Feeling go of what you know {15:18}
  • The fifth dimension {20:00}
  • Releasing trauma through the body {23:00}




  • “When you’re able to operate in the world from this place, there’s so much more love, there’s so much more understanding, there’s so much more peacefulness.”
  • “Our bones and our skin act as memory bank for all of our heightened experiences. And when it comes to us stopping ourselves on blocking ourselves, really we’re talking about the trauma and those negative experiences we hold in our bodies.”
  • “I use the tools that I have to refine my practice, to refine the letting go, to optimise the self love, to really tune into where is it that I’m holding on to right now?”


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