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I really felt like I needed to address this issue on here, as I have had many, many people reach out to me recently and ask me to speak about my experiences in the industry as a black woman, following everything that is going on with the BLM movement. And to every request, I have said no.


For the people who feel like they do want to step up – that’s great. But that just doesn’t feel like my role right now. And I say role, because each of us have a role to play in this.


So if you want to find out my reason for declining these requests, and hear my perspective on what is happening at the moment, please listen to this episode.




  • What’s been coming up {3:13}
  • Returning to truth {4:01}
  • Why I won’t be speaking about race on panels {7:48}
  • Some recommended resources {16:54}




  • “And what is interesting about all of the things, hashtag all of the things that have happened since the start of this year is it brings up all of your stuff, every single trigger, every single little wound that you have ever experienced, it is like all of it is on blast.”
  • “We have to be prepared to do the inner work that allows us to return back to the truth of who we really are, because the pain, and suffering, and hurt that we are seeing around the world right now is because we have forgotten […] who we really are and how we are all interconnected.”
  • “When we are able to remember that, the power struggle, the idea that somebody can take something from you, all of that bullshit stuff disappears when we realize that we are all interconnected, we are all part of this magnificent universe.”
  • “The moment we can start questioning our certainty, we create spaciousness for new information to come in.”
  • “Understanding that there are people who are creating quiet revolutions because of the way that they are thinking, acting, spending, and sharing is just as important and relevant as the people who are on the front lines, who are really outspoken and are really just taking that stance very publicly.”


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