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3 ways to step into a new identity

With everything that’s happened this year, I know that many of you are feeling called to step up into a higher version of yourself. 


You know that you are capable of so much more than where you are right now, and although you feel ready to let go of the old, there is a little something that’s stopping you from completely embracing the new. 


That little something is fear. It can feel scary to welcome change and the unknown – sure. But I want to propose to you that it’s not as scary as it seems, because it’s probably something you have already been doing throughout your life without consciously thinking about it.


I say this because I realised that I am continuously stepping up into a new identity – I’m always evolving. And that made me see that every single time we are looking to set a new goal, or move into a new house, or upgrade where we would stay normally when we are going on holiday, we are looking to step into and embody a new identity. 


So I invite you to look at this differently – not from a place of fear, but from a place of excitement. I invite you to consider what you can do to stretch the realms of possibility and expand the way that you think about what is possible for yourself. I invite you to WELCOME change, and ENJOY stepping up into your new identity.


So how do you do this? 


  1. Decide that you want it, and tell people


You have to decide that you want it. You have to make a decision that it is okay for you to want what you want. So many times people are really fucking hesitant. They say… I kind of want it, but I’m not going to tell my mom. I kind of want it, but I’m not going to let my partner know. And I kind of want it, but I am never going to show up on Facebook and let people know that I’ve set up my business. I am never gonna step up on Facebook and let people know that actually I just had a six figure a year. 


There is such power in accepting where you’re going and who you want to be – and shouting about it.  If you want to be the expert in your niche, say it. If you want to be the go to person for a particular thing, you have to start owning that space by letting people know that you are that person. You have to make the decision about where you want to stand. And then you have to tell the people who are going to invest in you.


  1. Don’t change everything at once


The second thing is to not try and change everything all at once. Often when people are stepping into a new identity, they try and change allofthethings, and it feels totally exhausting. You don’t have enough energy or fuel in the time to change all of the things at once, so choose the first thing, and make daily commitments to stepping up. You need to make sure that when you do take action, you’re doing what you’re doing really freaking well. So choose where you spend your time wisely.


  1. Upgrade your environment


This is probably the most important thing that I have done in my life and in my business, when it has come to stepping into a new identity on a consistent basis. Look at who you are spending time with. And I don’t just mean in real life. Who’s Facebook lives are you watching? Who’s popping up on your feed? Instagram has been a biggie for me – as I saw myself as a content creator, as opposed to a content consumer, viewing everyone else’s content just didn’t seem to fit with the identity I was stepping into. So I made the decision to unfollow everybody. Only now am I starting to slowly curate my feed by following people whose messages are really, really freaking relevant to me.


Your environment changes the way you view the world and yourself, whether you’re aware of it or not. This is happening on a subconscious level. If you are surrounding yourself with people who are having 10K launches, and 40K launches and a 100K launches, you can’t help but say to yourself, ‘if it’s possible for that person, then there is a possibility that that is available for me’. When you start putting yourself in the right environment with people who are creating on that level, you can’t help but feel driven towards achieving your goals.


I’d love to find out what you think about this subject. Be sure to hit me up, I love hearing from you.

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All the love,



And remember that…


Faith + Action = Miracles

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