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Today I want to talk to you about trust, and the act of stepping into trusting yourself and your path. And because you’re listening to this podcast, I know that there is a certain level of trust in yourself that you need to achieve for the type of expansion that you desire to have.


So how exactly do you get there? Tune in to find out.




  • How do we start to trust {4:27}
  • The desire to be abundant {5:55}




  • “Imperfection is the perfection of your existence.”
  • “And not only are we breaking promises to ourselves, but we are rejecting the bits of ourselves, and telling ourselves that those pieces of our soul, our heart, our bodies, our minds are not good enough to be trusted, are not good enough to be included in the big vision, are not worthy enough of receiving the desire.”
  • “How do we start to have that same level of trust in ourselves as we do in the sun, rising in the East and setting in the West? It starts with choosing to know who you are.”
  • “If you desire to be abundant in all facets of your existence, including your wealth consciousness, that that is your birthright too.”


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