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Why you should make surrendering part of your sales strategy…

…and learn to lean back so you can move forward


Warning: I’m about to turn everything you thought you knew about sales on its head.


I’ve had a ton of sales training and experience throughout my life – some good, some great, and some not so great…


My sales journey actually began trying to persuade people to upgrade to unlimited Coke’s in Pizza Hut, but since then I’ve had different careers, different workplace training, different courses etc.


And you know what? No matter the specifics of the training (which was obviously always dependent on the context)… something I’ve noticed is that the energy of the selling was always the same. Always.


At best, we’re taught that selling should be delivered with determination. That our job is to persuade and cajole people into buying our products at all costs. 


Go hard or go home, right? 


At worst, we’re taught that sales is sleazy by nature, and there is almost an air of desperation that comes along with that.


But at some point in my journey I made a decision to surrender when it came to sales. I stopped pushing for the sale like my life depended on it and decided to just let things be.


Now, of course, I don’t mean I just stopped working. I prepped for every call just as much as I had before, but I stopped forcing square pegs into round holes. 


I decided that I would only take aligned and inspired action to achieve my goals, because I just KNEW that this was my calling, and that I would get there – it was already done.


When something is already done, you get to accelerate the speed at which you bring it into your reality, through the energy that you choose to emit. And when you act from that place of knowing… when you act like the things have already happened… that’s where the magic happens!


So let’s see what could happen when you shift the energy of selling from force to surrender:



  • You’ll enter a state of flow with the Universe



When you put your heart into your business. When you put your soul into your business. When you put your gut into your business. That’s when you get to co-create your reality with the Universe. You’ll enter a state of flow, where you’ll be successfully scaling with such ease and grace because you’ll be living in full alignment with your purpose and calling.



  • You’ll call in your dreamboat clients



You will accelerate the speed at which you are able to call in clients. And when you do call in clients – they will be the absolute fit for you. You won’t get hung up on trying to persuade people to invest in you, your product, or your service… because you’ll know that if they were destined to, they would. And if they don’t, they’re not your people. Instead of seeing objections and rejections as failures, you’ll understand that they actually create more spaciousness for your dreamboat clients to enter the scene.



  • You’ll enjoy your successes more



And finally… when you do get there. When you do have the 5K, 10K, 50K launches. When your number one dreamboat client wants to work with you… you’ll be in the right mindset to enjoy it, because you won’t be so burnt out that you wonder ‘was it even worth it’. The journey is the most important part, so make sure you have the right energy and mindset to enjoy it, loves.


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All the love,




Faith + Action = Miracles

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