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How to create content that converts by honouring divine self expression

Something I’ve noticed in the midst of all the craziness of 2020 is that some people have been scared to do what they know they are here to do. By that I mean that they have been working from a place of fear, and holding themselves back from living in alignment with their mission and vision.


First we had the coronavirus epidemic, then the Black Lives Matter movement – and I understand why people are holding back from selling, putting their message out there less, and second guessing the content they do put out. It’s all from a place of fear… fear of judgement, fear of offending and saying the wrong thing. I get that. But I wholeheartedly believe that this is a mistake.


Trust me when I say that what we need right now, more than ever, is more empowered females making a shit ton of money so we can do good things in the world. If you’re silent, you’re invisible, right? Your words are your power. And if you’re not speaking, then people do not know that you are available, and you are there to help.


Here’s what I want you to know. No matter what is going on in the world, when you are completely aligned with your product and your service, and you know that you are able to help people create transformations that are going to positively impact their lives… you have a responsibility to help those people. And if you do not use your words, if you do not use your power to help those people, then that is a disservice to both them and yourself.


I want you to know that you can both create content that converts to sales, and honour your divine self expression at the same time, and that there is nothing to feel guilty about. 


With that in mind, I have some tips that will help you find your voice, so that you can connect to your dreamboat clients and convert your browsers into buyers. 


Are you ready?



  • Take the mask off



When you choose to step into divine self expression, you lift the mask. You let people feel your heart. Right now, more than ever, our job is to connect with people. You cannot connect with your people when you have barriers up… They can’t get through your fear. They can’t get through your doubt. They can’t get through your guilt. You have to put that stuff down in order to create content that really gets people to feel. How do you make people feel something? You let them feel your heart. You need to be emotionally connected to the message that you are putting out there – and it might feel uncomfortable at times, but it will also feel liberating. And it’s the only way you will truly connect with your dreamboat clients.


And I’m not telling you to do this regularly… I’m telling you to do this with EVERY. FREAKING. POST. This is what is going to create chemistry, and have your ideal clients going ‘she gets me!’. And when you are creating content that connects and creates chemistry, you will attract new followers every single day. So you need to be speaking to them – and I mean really speaking to them. You need to be sharing your vision and with them all of the freaking time – okay? 



  • Be disruptive



I know for a fact that there will be times when you are holding back in some way, shape, or form. You don’t want to be too much, you don’t want to be too loud, you don’t want to be too in your face, or create too much of a ripple. Well, guess what? You’re going to have to get over that.


If you are looking to make a change in the world, and create a community of people in alignment with your views and values, you have to be prepared to take a stand for something. And when you take a stand for something, you take a stand against something else. And the idea of being seen as the person, who’s taking a stand against the thing – it freaks us out. I get that. We don’t want to open ourselves up to judgement, right? 


But when you are in divine self expression, you let people know what it is that you are about, and what it is that you stand for. You let people feel you. When you choose divine self expression, you actually come to welcome the people who say ‘you know what, this is not for me’, because you know that you are becoming a beacon and a magnet for all of the people who absolutely needed to hear what it is that you have to say. 



  • Ask for the sale



In this half of the year, I have already earned more revenue than I did the whole of last year. Yes – during a global pandemic. And that literally blows my mind. But the main reason I have been able to achieve this is by asking for the sale. 


As well as asking for the sale, you need to make sure you are asking for it in the correct way. And what’s more, when people ask for the investment – you need to tell them. The whole time it takes for you to respond, once you have plucked up the confidence to do so, or once you have figured out what the value of your product and service should be… they are losing confidence in you. Sales is basically an exchange of confidence from one person to another. This is where divine self expression comes into the sale. Because when you’re divinely expressed, you’re not holding yourself back because you are ashamed or feel guilty for asking for the number that you’re asking for.


I really, sincerely hope you found this useful, my loves. I hope that this helps you see more clearly, and pushes you to take ownership and get yourself and your message out there. Your business deserves that. Your clients deserve that. You deserve that.

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And please let me know how you get on implementing these tips and stepping up into divine self expression. I love hearing from you.


All the love,




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