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I’m so excited to welcome the wonderful Nicky Clinch to The Limitless Life Experience Podcast.


Nicky Clinch is a Maturation Coach, Integrative Counsellor, Spiritual Mentor, CEO & Entrepreneur. She has spent over 10 years professionally training and mastering her skills to help people heal deeply from their past stories and traumas; completely redefining the possibilities of who they are. With the intention to embody their true authentic power, purpose and come home to who they were meant to be, she has helped thousands of people completely transform their lives. Her sole mission is to create authentic & aligned leaders in this world in order to have the most useful and powerful impact on our planet.


In this episode, we focus on death and grief, realising that death is the very thing that connects us to life through the continuous cycle of creation.




  • Why does death matter? {4:14}
  • Why are we afraid of death? {6:49}
  • Religion and accepting uncertainty {8:40}
  • Using grief to your advantage {20:47}
  • How do we know truth {25:41}
  • Every moment is a rebirth {28:26}
  • Heaven and God {33:22}
  • Plant medicine {44:06}
  • Being present in the moment {49:14}
  • What does limitless mean to Nicky? {52:01}
  • Where to find Nicky {52:48}




  • “Our relationship to death is the very thing that determines our relationship to life.”
  • “Certainty may create an instant form of comfort, but simultaneously in the moment that it creates the comfort, it also creates a limit.”
  • “If you look at how a tree grows, a tree will grow and then its leaves will die. And then it will come to the earth. And then somehow more life is born. And a flower will grow and then the flower will die. And then somehow more life is born, and this continuous cycle of exchange of death and life, and death and life… That is life. That is creation itself. And we are all part of that.”
  • “You know, when we lose people and it is their time, even if it's not what we thought was their time, the pain that comes is because we have loved - because we have dared to love - so deeply, to care enough to feel that pain, to have pain, to have heartbreak. And if we can be courageous enough to allow the pain to come, to allow the heartbreak to come and to grieve, on the other side of heartbreak is heart opening. Grief is a gateway to transformation.”
  •  “Every single moment is a rebirth, is a new moment in time.”


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