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I truly feel that this year the world is crying out for a new type of leadership, and we are each being called to step up. With that in mind, I’m here with a whole episode about activating your inner leader, and how you can work through discomfort and change to create positive impact and abundance by raising your vibration.


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  • A new type of leadership {1:31}
  • Be prepared to go deeper {5:06}
  • Call out your clients {7:16}
  • Show them what is possible {9:04}




  • “It's on the other side of the potential pain, the potential discomfort, the disease of going where most people aren't prepared to go, that we find our liberation.”
  • “All of the time that you are operating at less than your fullest potential, you will find yourself compromising on your values.”
  • “It starts with you falling in love with you being your best, most illuminated self, and then making the invitation for people to join you in that vibration and stand alongside you as their best, fullest, most illuminated self. And then creating a tidal wave of goodness, joy, love, positive impact, abundance in every way, shape or form across all areas of your life.”


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