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I’m doing things a little differently for this episode in that I’m sharing an excerpt from a Q&A that took place in one of my programs The Gateway.   One of my programs that just so happened to be launched during a global pandemic and a time of great change, human rights movements and collective healing. In this clip I cover BLM, Oppression, Race, 5D Living, the Law of Attraction and Spiritual Bypassing...   I felt like this was an important message to share so I hope you find it interesting.   Highlights  
  • Introduction {1:45}
  • Q&A Excerpt {5:07}
  • “Healing from the inside out is what changes somebody's ability to be able to receive and know that they are worthy.”
  • “And if you were to really help somebody see their worth and heal that pain and those stories, and really be able to show them what it is possible to create - and it starts in your mind - it would change the fucking world, and people don't want that.”
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