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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  This episode of the Limitless Life Experience Podcast welcomes the wonderful Jazreena Harlow. Jazreena Harlow is a transformational life coach and crystal sonic therapist (sound healer). She is also founder of The Sistaship, a membership community that helps women to step out of overwhelm, guiding them through the introspective journey of self-awareness and into alignment with their soul’s purpose.   She is fiercely committed in assisting women to have deeper connections with their hearts and intuition to reclaim inner wisdom and sovereignty.   She’s also one of the organisers (along with yours truly!) of the Rise & Heal retreat taking place this Sunday (at the time of recording) - a virtual retreat for womxn who are looking to come together to release, rest and rejuvenate.   In this episode, Jaz takes us on her journey as a young black woman through Christianity and spirituality and what that means to her today. We talk about healing, unlearning, inner child work and throat chakra work. And also discuss the year of 2020, including why there seems to be less black women in the wellness space, and what our roles are in that space. This episode is equal parts soothing and inspiring, and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did.   Highlights  
  • Jaz’s journey to spirituality {6:35}
  • Discovering who we really are {16:39}
  • What’s holding people back {19:50}
  • What holds Jaz back {22:53}
  • The role of black women {24:22}
  • Working on the throat chakra {26:07}
  • Black women in the wellness space {31:44}
  • Sound healing {39:22}
  • Are there less black women in spirituality? {39:50}
  • Jaz’s biggest healing journey {42:58}
  • What does limitless mean to Jaz? {44:15}
  • What does living into your purpose look like? {45:36}
  • “Curiosity is such a beautiful thing, because it allows us to explore deeper. It allows us to be more receptive. It allows us to be open and share.”
  • “So it’s really acknowledging that it's actually okay to just have moments where you're not okay, and it not be seen as a sign of weakness.”
  • “I think that's the reason why I suppressed a lot of spiritual things. Well, because I didn't think people were talking about certain aspects of spirituality in the church environment. So I stepped away from church in that sense, but I kept my faith in God, so to speak.”
  • “That made me realise how important it is to really, you know, stand as a black woman in this wellness space and speak up. And my throat chakra is something that I've been trying to work on for a while. And it really kind of opened up in June and I'm actively trying to make sure that I stay on top of that.”
  • “I think that one of the stereotypes that many of us embrace is the strong black woman as well, and so there isn't the space for vulnerability and healing and saying ‘I hurt’ and ‘I feel vulnerable and I feel emotional’ within that stereotype.”
  Links of interest     You can read the transcript here.   Faith + Action = Miracles

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