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If you’ve been feeling like you’re not getting ahead and you don’t know why, I want you to know that everything you desire is 100% possible for you. There are people out there who are absolutely killing it, and the only difference between you and them is that they make the decision to take the plunge.


So I want you to see this episode as a little nudge so that you STOP making excuses and get out of your own damn way...




  • Our capacity to make excuses {3:57}
  • Get really real with yourself {6:57}
  • It is possible for you {8:13}




  • “I allowed myself to go to bed a little bit too late, which meant waking up a little bit too late, which meant not doing as much quantum flow as I wanted, which meant that I was way more easily distracted. I was checking my phone more. I was on social media more, feeling in that headspace of reaction rather than choosing to respond. All of that contributed to me, not feeling my best.”
  • “I do know that if you are in the coaching industry, whether you were a life coach or a business coach or a metaphysical coach, you can be earning right now.”
  • “I know that accountability in my world counts. And so I pay people to keep me accountable to my dreams, to my vision, to the possibility.”


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Faith + Action = Miracles

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