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The number 1 thing that’s blocking you from making leaps in your business

I have been in the online business game for over 6 years now, so I’ve been acquainted with lots of other coaches, experts and entrepreneurs.


I’ve seen people start out at a similar time to me who’ve remained playing at a similar level, and others I’ve seen make huge jumps in their businesses – both in the amount of income they’ve been able to take, AND the amount of impact they’ve been able to make.


I personally have come a very long way since my early days. So I was spending some time reflecting recently and I got to thinking about the different traits of the people who make quantum leaps, and the people who stay playing small, or achieve steady, incremental growth.


And what I came to realise is this –


The difference all comes down to the way they make decisions.


The reason that most people are not making big leaps, is that they are making decisions based on where they are right now.


The people who DO make those leaps, are making decisions based on where they want to be.


And I get it – as entrepreneurs, we’re faced with difficult decisions at times, and it’s easy to see opportunities that arise as risks.


Trust me, I get it.


Your brain tells you it’s not safe to take the risk, and so you continue to stick with what feels safe and comfortable.


But here’s the hard truth:


The type of decisions that are going to propel you into a more successful reality, are the same decisions that will take you beyond your comfort zone. The same decisions where you feel compelled to go into survival mode.


So if you keep operating from the same space (because your mind tells you it’s the sensible and logical thing to do), essentially what you’re doing is you’re self sabotaging.


In order to get to where you want to be, you need to make decisions from the mindset of a person who already has everything you desire.


Let me give you two examples so you see how this plays out in practice.


Say you want…


Thousands of people on your Facebook page


If you are spending ZERO hours on your Facebook page because you think you’ve not got enough experience yet… you’re going to get no one on your Facebook page. What you need to do is act like someone who already has thousands of people on their Facebook page and show up there every day. Get in front of other people’s audiences and invite people to your page. Show up on Instagram and invite people to your page. Invest in ads so people are aware of your Facebook page. It’s so simple! But so many people aren’t doing this and acting in alignment with what they want.


To make quantum leaps to your income


So you want to make more income. You see an opportunity to take a course, from someone who has done EXACTLY what you want to do, but you tell yourself ‘the investment’s too high’. How much is too high for helping you achieve your dreams? If you want to be the person who makes decisions based on their future, then you’re going to want to take that course. The investment is not the reason you’re not taking it. The reason you’re not taking it is something deeply rooted within you, a story you tell yourself that says you don’t deserve. The investment is called an investment for a reason… because you’ll get back MORE than what you put in.


So this is the thing I want to encourage you to do. If you take one thing away from this, let it be this: STOP making decisions based on where you are in this moment or where you have been, make decisions from the place and the identity that you are stepping into.


All the love,




Faith + Action = Miracles

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