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It’s time you stopped making excuses

Here’s the thing.


I know that everybody doesn’t feel 100% all of the freaking time.


I know that.


I, myself, had a particularly bad week last week, when I was feeling all the stress of moving to a brand new country and looking for a home, all on top of running my entire business and being a good wife, and even better mother, and looking after the dog.


I get that sometimes things get too much – we’re all human, right?


But I also know for a fact that last week when I was feeling crappy, I was not doing everything that I needed to do to ensure that I felt at least 85% of my energy. I was allowing myself to go to bed a little bit too late… which meant waking up a little bit too late… which meant not doing as much quantum flow as I wanted… which meant that I was way more easily distracted. 


I was checking my phone more. I was on social media more. All of this led me to being in a headspace of reaction rather than choosing to respond. 


All of that contributed to me not feeling my best. 


And I know this year has been particularly difficult. We’ve been presented with way more ‘reasons’ to not get the ball rolling than usual… But what if you flipped the script and actually started looking at those challenges as opportunities?


What if you stopped making excuses, and started making a difference?


So today, I want you to get really real with yourself. 


If you haven’t got the results that you have wanted over the last few months… especially if you haven’t got the results that you wanted over the last few months AND you are in the coaching industry… 


I want you to ask yourself where you have been making excuses?


I want you to sit with it and journal on it for a bit. Consider your top 3 goals and think about if there are any stories you’ve been selling yourself that have stopped you from even getting started on achieving them. That have stopped you from showing up as your best self in order to achieve them. Once you identify where you have been making excuses, it’s time to STOP standing in your own way and start taking action. But until you identify where you are holding yourself back, you won’t be able to do that.


This isn’t an order to totally ignore your circumstances. But I do know that if you are in the coaching industry, whether you are a life coach, or a business coach, or a metaphysical coach – you can be earning right now. So, so many of my peers and friends and clients have been killing it. Why? Because they chose to. Why? Because they took action on the things that they said that they were going to take action on. Why? Because they didn’t let their fear (of not having all of the answers, of not knowing what was going to come next, of not knowing if people were going to buy) slow them down. 


And I know that for some of you listening to this, this is going to feel quite uncomfortable, but here’s the thing – I want you to feel uncomfortable, because I want you to step into your awesomeness. 


I hope this has been the kick up the backside you needed, my lovely. Now go out there and kill it!


If you want to check out Episode 63 of The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, where I talk some more on this process – you can do that here.


All the love,




Faith + Action = Miracles

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