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My guest for the next conversation in The Limitless Life Experience Podcast is Kimra Luna. Kimra is a Cosmic Sensuality coach, pleasure activist, host of the Riot Doll™️ podcast, and founder of the Cosmic Connection Coven, the ultimate discord resource community for all things sex, love, and relationships.


Kimra is here to disrupt the status quo to help people discover the pleasure they’ve always dreamed of, while shedding sexual shame. She is devoted to supporting people to design rituals that lead you to more fulfilling relationships with themselves and their partners.


In this episode she talks us through her childhood and her journey, including coming to terms with her sexuality, different types of abuse, mental health issues and healing trauma. We also cover her ever evolving identity, and her experience of motherhood, breastfeeding and how to speak to our children about their bodies.


Then we dive deep into boundaries, consent and self worth, and unpack female shame around sex and sensuality. Kimra gives us an insight into what it’s like to work with her as a sex and relationships coach, including how she encourages people to open up to their sexuality AND how she has done so herself. This is a must listen for anyone looking to explore their sexuality, and feel liberated and limitless!




  • Kimra’s story {4:41}
  • Birth and healing {20:50}
  • Boundaries and self worth {28:31}
  • Coming out as Queer {36:04}
  • Facets of identity {42:28}
  • Sexual empowerment {45:13}
  • Shame around sexuality {47:16}
  • Teaching our children {50:39}
  • The body as a weapon {56:51}
  • Breastfeeding {1:00:58}
  • Sexual exploration {1:10:03}
  • Shame and healing {1:26:15}
  • Pleasure and pain {1:28:47}
  • What does limitless mean to Kimra? {1:32:36}
  • Where to find Kimra {1:33:54}




  • “The form of a human is so beautiful yet we are taught it isn’t. And then all of the fat shaming stuff that goes on. I mean, there’s shaming for everything… body hair shaming… I mean, everything. Someone finds a way to shame it. And I tell them all the time, I say this all stems back from the way we’re raised, the households we come from. And sometimes just people not even talking to us about these things.”
  • “It starts making it so we can allow other people in when it comes to touching our body and start feeling safe with other partners. And so it all starts with ourselves. You can sexually heal on touching yourselves and exploring yourselves, exploring your own body.”


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