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This time on The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, I’m chatting to my lovely friend Laura Husson. Laura is a certified Subconscious Transformation coach. She helps aspiring changemakers just like you go from the brink of giving up on uncovering the big dream to finally experiencing alignment in all areas of their lives.


In this episode, we focus on aligned goal setting, and she reveals her exact steps to help you set goals that are actually achievable and in alignment with everything that you desire. Laura believes that – above all else – it’s our job to be happy now, wherever we are. And that starts with self-acceptance, because happiness is only ever temporary when we’re in conflict with ourselves and who we are.


We also spend a lot of time riffing on trust and surrender, as Laura states (and I can vouch for her!) that these have been the biggest game changers in her life and business. We cover about money, mindset and the inner knowing that everything will work out when sh*t hits the fan!


As well as all this, we talk about seeing our businesses as an extension of ourselves, and the importance of separating self worth from results, meaning that material success is not an indicator of how successful you are as a human being. This episode is a must listen for any entrepreneur who’s ready to listen to that deep inner knowing that everything they want is really possible for them.




  • Laura’s story {3:21}
  • When sh*t hits the fan {15:50}
  • The ability to make money {20:21}
  • Mindset and the knowing {24:48}
  • Trust {30:32}
  • Surrender {34:08}
  • Aligned goal setting {40:36}
  • How to get what you want {46:30}
  • Fear of success {50:47}
  • Separating self worth from results {57:10}
  • Business as an extension from us {1:05:39}
  • Where you can find Laura’s work {1:10:29}
  • What does limitless mean to Laura? {1:11:07}




  • “When I prioritise me and my energy above all else, everything else falls into place.”
  • “And so it’s the surrender to being available for trust in all situations, even when I have no idea what the outcome might look like that has made the drastic change.”
  • “It’s not ever about the strategy. As we said, it’s about who is that person that gets that result. And if you can’t envisage yourself getting it now, pick someone who you see who you perceive as having already experienced that result. And just imagine what you think it took them to get there and then start harnessing that.”
  • “Happiness is only ever temporary when we are in conflict with ourselves and who we are.”


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