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As you may already know, I’ve just come out of my biggest launch EVER. The Freedom Experience closed its doors, and we took in a total of over £600,000. The whole thing has been totally mind blowing for me, but the income isn’t the only thing that felt different this time around. I also noticed that my energy post-launch was a complete contrast to the exhaustion I’d felt in the past.


In this episode I reveal the 3 key things that are responsible for me avoiding burnout, so you can too!


This is a must listen if you’re looking to maximise your impact and income with minimal stress levels.




  • The dream team {6:55}
  • Intentional energy management {11:58}
  • Support in communities {14:00}




  • “There were flights involved, but I think that this launch roller coaster and energetic boundary is a real thing. Even if I hadn’t been getting on a plane, when I think about my launches, when I moved originally into hitting six figures, the amount of energy that it took for me to be able to show up in the way that was going to get the results I wanted was always exhausting.”
  • “The feedback that people gave me about my energy was incredible when I really received that all. And that was supported by the level of intention that I brought to making sure that I could be in my most energetic magnetic self.”


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