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This time on the podcast, I’m bringing you the first in a three-part series, where I’m going to be sharing the specific things you need to focus on as you scale your business to the next level.


Up first, I’m sharing the 3 things you should be doing to make your first six figures. We’re covering three C’s: conversations (sales), content (messaging), and community (audience). These should be your area of focus above all else as you start to grow your business.


I know you’ll get so much value out of this so dive on in, and be sure to tune in to part 2 to get one step ahead and find out what your next move should be once you hit that 6 figure mark.


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  • Conversations – asking for the sale {4:02}
  • Content – your message {6:27}
  • Community – audience building {10:37}




  • “If you want to make your first six figures without killing yourself, I want you to understand that when I say simplicity is key, I mean it.”
  • “You need to make sure that you are actively having sales conversations, ultimately every single day, worst case scenario every other day. And if you are not doing that, […] that is what is keeping you from making money.”
  • “Depending on what is going on in the world at any given moment, your messaging should be evolving to reflect what is on people’s hearts and minds.”


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