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3 ways to avoid burnout during a launch

At the time of writing, I am just out of my most successful launch to date. My team and I closed the doors to The Freedom Experience and managed to take over £600,000. Now, that number is insane to me. It’s more than double my second most successful launch, and a hell of a lot more than my second most recent one.


So as you can imagine, I’m feeling pretty good right now. Or maybe you’d imagine I’d be feeling pretty bad? Because a half a million pound launch must be incredibly stressful, and absolutely exhausting, right?




Seriously. You can achieve a massively successful launch with ease, grace, and flow. I know because I’ve just done it. 


The truth is, it wasn’t just the cash taken that felt different this time around. I felt different. In the past, launches had been tiring. I’d worked long days and all hours trying to manage all the pieces of the puzzle to make sure we hit deadlines and that everything was going to run as smoothly as possible. Literally doing allofthethings to make sure that my potential dreamboat clients were going to get the best possible experience. The amount of energy that it took for me to be able to show up in the way that was going to get the results I wanted was always, always exhausting. And so I’d spend the week after a launch feeling great about the impact and income I’d been able to achieve – yes, but also feeling run down and like I need time off to rest and recuperate. 


So, how did I turn things around and come out of the other side of my most successful launch yet without burnout?


Here are top tips…


  • Find your dream team


A great time is integral to any successful launch. In the past I’d not only been trying to get my shit together, but also been on top of other people to get them organised too. But you can’t project manage everything, and lead, and sell, and market and do all of the things as you start to scale your business and not be exhausted. Of course in the beginning, we all do, but as you start to grow it makes sense to have a team where the right people are in the right place. That way, you can rest assured that everyone is shit hot at their job and is on with the task at hand, so there are no loose ends the night before the launch, and no mishaps along the way. Hiring an integrator literally changed everything for me. As well our project management system Asana, as that meant that I could see exactly what was being done, when, and who by.


  • Manage your energy


The second thing is bringing more intention into the way you manage your own energy during the launch. This is something that was new for me this time around. I always, always clear my diary for a launch. They take up a lot of energy, so there’s no way you can be doing your usual job on top of all that. And clearing your calendar might take a lot of energy beforehand to move things around and reorganise, but trust me – it will be worth it. This time, I also was juicing all week, and doing my quantum flow every single morning. All of that supported me to be my most energetic, magnetic self when I was showing up on Facebook lives, and the feedback proves it.


  • Seek support


The third thing that made the biggest difference (and again, this is related to team), is having support throughout the week, or however long it may be. So, something I’d worried about in the past was my Facebook group community and whether they were getting enough engagement from me throughout. This time, I had help in there, so I had two people who were able to leave comments and support me and my clients and this made all the difference, as I wasn’t worried that the people in the group weren’t going to be served, and I wasn’t carrying the weight of that on my shoulders.


So there you have it. My 3 top tips for avoiding burnout during a launch.


Do you have anymore? I’d love to hear them! Just drop me a DM on Insta and we can chat.


And if you want to check out Episode 69 of The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, where I talk some more on this topic – you can do that here.


All the love,




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