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Welcome back to The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, where this time around I’m interviewing the incredible Dr. Romie Mushtaq. She is a triple board-certified physician and serves as Chief Wellness Officer for Evolution Hospitality where she has implemented mindfulness and wellness programs for over 7000 employees.


Dr. Romie is on a mission to transform the brain and mental health in the workplace. Her expertise is routinely featured in the national media, and on global stages for corporations, athletes, and professional associations.


In this episode, she takes us on her journey from being brought up in America in an Indian immigrant family, to entering neurology as a woman of colour at a time when only 5% of brain doctors were women. Disruption has always been a theme for her life, it seems, and she explains how she has used signs to go against the grain and follow that deep inner knowing that she was destined for greatness.


She is bringing her innovative research based in neuroscience, integrative medicine, and mindfulness to teach the “brainSHIFT protocol”. So, with that in mind, we also chat anxiety, the effects of the pandemic, and how she believes we can bring different kinds of healers together. Get ready to break your stress cycle, uplevel your performance and leadership, AND get an education on all things scientific and spiritual!




  • All about Dr. Romie {2:33}
  • A legacy of disruption {10:50}
  • The inner knowing {11:24}
  • Anxiety and COVID-19 {18:45}
  • Different types of anxiety {25:43}
  • Science and spirituality {27:45}
  • Bringing healers together {37:09}
  • Where you can find Dr Romie {39:06}




  • “At one side, they expected me to be educated and successful. On the other side, it was, you know, be a good girl… and shit, that wasn’t going to be happening. Good girls don’t make change in the world.”
  • “Normal, emotional brain and mental health is that you experience a full range of emotions during the day. What spirituality and training our mindset and meditation and mindfulness based cognitive therapy and regular therapy helps us with is to keep those emotions under check. So we’re not extremely anxious or angry or extremely blissed out all day.”
  • “It’s the spiritual people against the traditional medical community. There are people in both groups who are going to remain divided, like dirty politics in the United States, right? But what if you and I could say, let’s elevate the consciousness, and welcome the place where everybody has a seat at the table?”


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