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This time on The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, I’m joined by the incredible Edita Atteck. Edita is a transformational coach and breakthrough strategist helping ambitious women entrepreneurs around the world create an identity that matches the outcome they want in their life and business.


She helps them to become internally resourceful so they have what it takes to achieve their external goals: this includes effectively working with stress, building mindset mastery, rewiring their inner programming at the level of their nervous system, releasing their inner limits, developing emotional mastery, maximising their health (and the health of their relationships), and ultimately aligning with their vision.


In this extraordinary episode, we cover Edita’s story and how she unlocked her power (starting with an accident she was in aged 16), where her interest in the nervous system came from, how we are so much more than our intellect, how to work towards wholeness, and how to cope with triggers.


Edita believes that if you dig deeper, work on your inner peace, trust yourself (over the opinions and expectations of others), and connect to your authenticity – then your life can unfold in ways bigger and better than you ever imagined. If that sounds like something you’d like to achieve, then you’d better hit the play button!




  • Edita’s journey to unlocking her power {2:58}
  • Studying the brain {9:22}
  • More than intellect {12:26}
  • The work never stops {16:10}
  • The concept of letting go {19:10}
  • How to tune into your nervous system {24:26}
  • Edita on happiness {27:09}
  • Inner peace {28:20}
  • Coping with triggers {30:08}
  • Personal growth and family {32:30}




  • “And I think the key really to shifting and reprogramming ourselves to feel more fulfilled and to feel more successful is to bring this wholeness into the picture and constantly keep optimising our mindset, and constantly keep reminding ourselves that what’s happening in our mind is also influencing what’s happening in our gut, and it’s influencing what’s happening every nerve fiber in our body.”
  • “Even as entrepreneurs – and no matter what ambitions we have – I believe we are humans first and we have such a massive power and potential inside of us, but we often focus on only what’s happening on the outside or what our intellect is telling us.”
  • “Building that deep, inner worth and making the alignment between our conscious thinking and our deep subconscious programming is absolutely essential, so we come to our own authentic self.”
  • “I would just encourage every single woman to just keep doing her inner work, because once we change the lens through which we see the world, our perceptions change, but people around us will respond to us differently.”


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