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A note on surrender

The art of surrender is something that I have been trying to incorporate into my life for a long, long time. I use the word ‘trying’, because I haven’t always been successful. However, I am getting better, and the best part is, the more I surrender, the more magic I call in.   It’s a word we hear a lot in the spiritual community, but a little while back when I realised I had a hard time truly letting go and giving into surrender, I spent some time thinking about what it meant to me personally.   What I realised was that to me, the word surrender was synonymous with weakness…   ...does this resonate with you?   As somebody who prides themselves on being a strong, powerful woman and individual, the idea that I needed to let go really didn’t sit right with me. Maybe it’s the same for you.   I realised that I had been blocking myself from simply allowing. Which meant that I was blocking my capacity to receive.   Seriously - surrendering and releasing is so immensely powerful when it comes to increasing your capacity to receive, across all areas of your life.    For me, now, surrender is intertwined with the divine feminine.    Because I had been in business for a long time, a lot of my energy felt quite masculine. It was all about getting allofthethings done as efficiently as possible, and then on to the next goal. The idea of entering a submissive role and just ‘letting things happen’ filled me with all kinds of anxiety. I had to be in control.    But the more spiritual I have become, the more I have entered a state of allowing, and the more successful I have been as a result.    I like to think of it as a relationship between the feminine and the masculine - as with anything, you have to find the balance.   For the union to work, both sides have to be seen and heard. It can’t be too much about one and not the other.   And it may sound cliche, but it’s true what they say - when you let go, you make room for something even greater. This has wholeheartedly been the case for me.   So I believe that it’s our job every single day to remember how powerful we are and know that when we are in control mode, we are in gripping mode. When we are in fear, essentially we are playing into the story that we are disconnected from all of our magnificence.    It doesn’t matter whether you call it intuition, it doesn’t matter whether you believe it is a connection to Source or a higher power. Whatever you want to call it, it lies within you.   All that matters is that we master the art of simply being and trusting.   So this is my invitation to you today.   Ask yourself:   How do I feel right now, free or restricted?   Where am I holding on?    What am I holding on to?    What do I get to release right now in this moment?    And if you want to take it to another level, you can ask:   What would my highest self do?   I hope this has been powerful and potent for you, and if it has - let me know!   Also - if you haven’t already, be sure to join The Quantum Success Hub for Female Entrepreneurs where you can be surrounded by people who are working on their expansion just like you.   All the love,   Suzy   Faith + Action = Miracles

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