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I am so ridiculously excited because we have my younger sister Tara Humphrey in the house. She is the CEO and Founder of THC Primary Care, a mother of three, multiple six figure business owner, podcaster and all round trail blazer.


Tara founded Tara Humphrey Consulting in 2015, has 20 years of experience in business development and operations management, and has an MBA in Leadership and Management in Healthcare – along with many other accolades! She is super passionate about helping people by giving them the tools, time and support to develop their ideas and bring them to fruition.
In this episode Tara takes us through everything she has going on at the moment in her life and business, and what the future looks like for her. We talk creative visualisation and how she has used this to manifest her success, alongside making the most of any opportunities she was presented with. We also riff on the importance of creating a lane for yourself and owning your niche when it comes to really finding your purpose.


As Tara also has a scholarship – the Business of Healthcare Scholarship, which helps BAME (and soon LGBTQ) people pursue healthcare leadership career, we discuss why it’s important for her to give back – AND why she’s convinced me to climb to base camp on Everest!


This was recorded live so you will have to excuse the sound in some places – we wanted to still share as this is a fabulous episode! I know you’ll get so much out of this incredibly inspirational episode, so dive on in and let me know what your biggest takeaways are!




  • When things don’t go to plan {3:59}
  • Leaving the past in the past {5:44}
  • Business and Covid {8:51}
  • Letting go to make space {10:30}
  • Stepping into purpose {12:52}
  • What does it mean to be a leader? {16:38}
  • On opportunities {18:43}
  • Creative visualisation {23:18}
  • Business of Health Care Scholarships {27:52}




  • “I also just thought I operate in a niche. I am a leader in my space and I should act like it. And that I have been given so many opportunities to get here to where I am today. I am in a position to give other people those opportunities.”
  • “[Being a leader means] just being myself and showing people what I’ve got, showing people what I do. […] I did a presentation last year and one of the slides said ‘the more I am myself, the more successful I become’. So I make more money. I have more clients.”
  • “I’m in no rush. I’m coming up to 40, but slow and steady, slow and steady. This is my business for life. So I’m not chasing, like I’m not frantically running anymore trying to get these goals or read this book The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek, and he talks about how you don’t win at business, you just keep playing, and playing, and playing, and people overtake you, but they can overtake me. And I know that I will be in this for the long game.”


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