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7 figure secrets to success

As you probably know by now, I am a seven figure entrepreneur. But did you also know that I’m a serial entrepreneur? Yep, I had another business that I sold two years ago…


…but on top of that, I’m a mum of three, a Hay House author, international keynote speaker, quantum transformation and embodiment coach – and believer in miracles.


My superpower is working with science, strategies and spirit to help female entrepreneurs like you create breakthroughs in your business FAST, so that you can create a powerful and positive difference in the world.


You may also know that my mission is to activate 1,000,000 women into limitless living and divine self expression through mastering the law of the Universe and tapping into the infinite magic that lies within them.


But did you know that I have been able to collapse the timeline on this goal? That’s right… I had originally set 2030 as my target for this, but am now able to say I will achieve this by 2023.


Why am I telling you this? Because it’s proof that my methods work.


And so I’m here today with my top 4 tips on how YOU can become a 7 figure entrepreneur.


If you follow these tried and tested methods, you too can collapse the timeline between where you are now to where you are going.


So, let’s do this thing, shall we?


Stretch your thinking


My first tip is to stretch your thinking. I want you to be stretching the way that you think beyond what you have been doing today, beyond what you had been doing to get you to today. Because the moment you allow yourself to stretch further, the moment you allow yourself to dream into the possibility of what could happen when you step up, the moment you step into a six figure mindset, a multiple six figure mindset, a seven figure mindset… you get to collapse the timeline and increase your impact.


What do I mean by this? You have to be open. You have to be willing to go further when it comes to how you think, and what has got you to this point so far. So if you’ve been somebody who wants to hit 5K months (60K for the year), at a minimum you want to be developing a six figure mindset.


And from there, you have to make sure that your behaviour is in alignment with somebody who is earning that much. Because the person who’s earning six figures acts differently from the person who is still earning 40,000, 50,000 pounds. And as soon as you stop acting like that, you will collapse the timeline and call in MORE than that – more quickly.


‘How do I add value?’


Now, this is something that I have been asking myself a lot recently – ‘How do I add value?’. And I have been using the following affirmation… ‘Every time I add value, I earn money.’. And what I’m doing in using that is I am creating a really beautiful energetic exchange. So I want you to do the same. I want you to be asking yourself every single freaking day, how do I add value today? And I want you to tie that to the amount of money you earn. In hypnosis and NLP, we call it a double bind. Every time I add value, I earn money. And for anybody who feels like it doesn’t feel good to even talk about the money piece, there’s a big bit of money mindset work that you have to do in order for you to step into your six figures.


Create your own lane


This is a really important one. You have to make sure you are operating in your own lane so that you create a niche and stand out from the crowd. One of the differentiating points for me is the way in which I work. I think certainly in the UK, there are less people that really merge spirituality really practical strategies in the way that I do. I think that what I see is a lot of people who are really all about the strategy, and all about the blueprint. and all about the template and don’t understand what it means to be able to use your energetic field, to really expand your capacity, to impact and receive. So it’s really important that you create a lane for yourself too. But not only if you are an entrepreneur… even if you work in a franchise, even if you work under the umbrella of somebody else’s name, what makes you different is YOU. And when you are very clear on your personal value, you can create your own lane where people are actively seeking you out, because they know what you bring to the table.


Play the long game


My fourth and final point for today is play the long game. Now, this is such an interesting one, but I think that it’s so important. I talk about helping you create quantum leaps and quantum transformations. I absolutely love seeing people go from nought to a hundred, BUT I do know there is a big amount of pressure placed on the numbers. It’s really easy to feel that if you don’t hit the number in the timeframe that you have allotted that you have failed, or you are not good enough. And so the balance – and what I really do love helping people to step into – is knowing that it is all available for you NOW if you master the mindset that it is inevitable for you. And as soon as you allow that and embody it, and then your behavior is in alignment with that, you get to attract that way, way more quickly. You get to collapse the timeline. But I also want you to know that if you continue developing your mindset, continue evolving, continue wanting to be of service, continue wanting to innovate on what it is that you do and who it is that you are… and really play the long game with that, then I promise that you will go to places that can probably can’t even imagine right now.


If you use these tips to your advantage, your expansion will be inevitable, my love. What do you think of these? Do drop me a message and let me know!


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All the love,



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