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What is up, you wonderful human beings??


Today in this episode, we have an amazing treat for you… a professional spirit guide and medium, Yamile Yemoonyah!


Yamile Yemoonyah is a professional spirit guide medium, Hay house author, host of The Spirit Guide Show, and the founder of Spirit Guide Society. The very first time a spirit guide physically appeared in her bedroom in her mid-twenties; she had no choice but to believe in a reality beyond our 3D world. She has helped thousands of people connect with their own spirit guides through private readings, courses & workshops, and her weekly online show.


We will be talking about her first experiences with spirits, as well as an in-depth look into spirit guides and how you might be able to connect with them through guided meditations and personal discovery!


Have a listen, and hear what all the fuss is about.




  • [03:03] About Yamile
  • [06:23] Meeting the spirit guide
  • [10:17] Archetypes
  • [12:56] The Seven Types of Spirit Guides
  • [14:15] Going past the third dimension
  • [15:42] Am I imagining all this?
  • [18:56] Types of spirit guides
  • [20:35] Aliens in the bedroom
  • [22:32] Elves in the woods
  • [23:34] Meeting ascendant masters
  • [29:58] Recommendations for the less experienced
  • [34:14] Raising your vibrations
  • [38:26] Overcoming being overwhelmed by your own energy




  • “It’s really about practice. Just like any other skill,  you can practice it. And in the beginning you won’t always get it right.”
  • “The way they [spirit guides] show themselves is not always the way they actually look because they are not in the physical world, they don’t have a physical body.”
  • “Your imagination is being triggered and then you see whatever you’re being told to see”
  • “We are in the phase in history that we need all hands on deck and that we all need to realise that we all have a mission.”
  • “All sentient beings in the universe, we’re all connected.”




  • You can find Yamile on Instagram here. 
  • You can find Yamile on Youtube here.
  • You can find Yamile’s website here.


You can read the transcript here.


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