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How to manage personal fulfilment and the ‘need’ for success

Over these past years, I have been truly blessed with support and guidance from my mentors- Spiritual, economic, and even just personal friends that have shared their wisdom with me, so that I could unlock the potential in myself and proudly run my own seven-figure business…


…and while it feels great to have this in my hands, something that I’ve built myself after working so hard to align myself and my energy to this goal, I always end up thinking:


Is this enough? Do I want more? And if I do, is it bad that I want more?


And I’m sure these aren’t thoughts exclusive to just myself… we all, at some point, especially if we’re actively working towards a more fulfilled and divine self, have stopped to think about the ‘need’ for more money and more success in our ventures, because we’ve been conditioned as a society to think that personal wealth attaches value to our beings.


“We understand that having more money in our bank account does not make you a better human being than anybody else. And yet, so much of our self-esteem and self worth is wrapped up in these external and material wins, achievements, and desires.”


Which is why I managed to reach an epiphany.


That although there is importance in reaching our set goals and fulfilling our needs, we also need to eschew the word ‘need’ from our vocabularies.


“I realised that the word ‘need’ is the word that we need to replace or remove, and really understand that when you are dialled into your highest self, God, source universe- Whatever you want to call it- when you’re truly dialled in, you need for nothing.”


So instead of placing this instinctual value on hitting sales goals, big figures of money, or any other monetary target, I invite you to think about how best you would use these resources spiritually…


…to think about how inspiring it would be for other women to see a successful businesswoman, reliant on only herself, to reach her goals and even achieve great things spiritually. 


That to me, has far more value than just seeing a big number in my bank account, and I hope this can be true for you, too!


So try to internalise this the next time you feel yourself struggling to keep up with your own sense of fulfilment… try to seek a higher purpose within yourself, and anchor it to your being.


Remember, Faith + Action = Miracles

All the love,


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  • Jo says:

    I feel this is so important for me to truely hear. But I kero slipping into old habits. Thank you anyway for the belief that you csn do it. Your very inspirational.

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