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How to deal with the pain of transformation and change

It is an inevitable part of life that we will be faced with things that irritate, confuse, and weigh us down… aspects of our work and personal lives that we need to endure in order to move forwards, towards both material and spiritual goals.


Although these difficult aspects and challenges are sometimes needed to grow ourselves as people and to refine our energy bodies…


…there are definitely times, where you’ll think:

I’ve had enough of this!


And we will strive to change, to quantumly transform a part of our life towards the better. So that we either reduce aspects: Change aspects so that we can be less tired, or less stressed, etc…


Or we transform to augment our lives: Make ourselves more in tune with divinity, more compassionate and aware of the world.


These changes, these re-births of our souls, are just as important (if not even more important!) for ourselves as facing these hardships are, so we can strive to be the very best people we can possibly be.


…But it’s never as easy to transform, than it is to say you’ll transform.


Fear of new horizons


It’s well-known that although the final results, the effects of change are always beautiful and worth all the hardship… many people never even begin the transformative process, because they’re afraid of all the pain, the hardship of changing…


…haven’t we all felt like this before?


But, I can tell you now:


Pain doesn’t have to consume us.


As history has proven time and time again, we as human beings, have this amazing capacity to evolve and transform, because we consistently prove that we can dominate and overcome our feelings of pain and malaise, both physical and spiritual.


It’ll always be painful for a cut to heal…


It’ll always be painful to get over an ex…


…But isn’t the end result always better? Don’t we always flourish, always end up with a body and mind stronger than what was there before?


That is what I fully believe, and you should too. To change and to learn carries a price, and the exchange is immensely stacked in our favour, as long that we’re willing to pay it!


Because I can tell you, the birth of my first child was a chaotic, wild, and painful experience- But utterly beautiful, divine, and immensely fulfilling beyond anything I could hope for. And that put into perspective just how worth it the transformative process is.


So when the time came around for my second child to be born, I had already internalized the necessity and the price of such a wonderful boon into my life, and I braced my being for this transformation…


…and I felt no pain.


Because I had mastered this transaction of energy and spirit. I internalized it, let it scare me, let it inspire me, and let it be fully understood by my being. And it invigorated me fully.


…And so it must be.


So I implore you:


Allow yourself to feel nervous, to feel many so many things at once, before a transformation in your life. Let it all come out, and then inwards once again, like a wave crashing against the shore and recessing back to its home…


…but always. Keep. Going.


Never prevent yourself from changing for the better. Never give in to that fear, those worries.


Because you are stronger than you think, and I know that to be true already.



Let’s all change and flourish together.


Faith + Action = Miracles


All the love,

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